The Power of Print

Promote your Business with the Power of Print.

So many companies now rely on digital marketing for advertising it can be easy to overlook the power that print has on a campaign or its use for communicating information to customers and consumers.

While many businesses have turned their efforts to the web for their advertising needs because of the convenience, cost effectiveness and audience potential, print still holds a unique, powerful role as an effective channel of communication.

Print can have a major advantage over digital marketing channels due to its tangibility. Print is physical and can have a longer shelf life than Internet ads which can disappear almost immediately. It’s a different experience to hold and read a printed piece of information: it’s always there. With computers, it can be gone at the touch of a button.
There is so much email marketing landing in our inboxes on a daily basis print can now be used as a valuable tool to stand out from the competition. Leaflets can be picked up from a reception desk for customers to read in their own time, eye catching posters can be displayed on bus stops and walls, companies can send out regular newsletters informing customers of recent developments and brochures can capture the quality of a product or service. Print offers credibility and legitimacy that often digital consumers are wary of and can often engage an audience much more effectively than skim reading a website.

Examples of print advertising created by Copperwire Creative:

Printed flyers, brochures, posters and leaflets work well independently but even better when in conjunction with an online effort. Brand Identity and awareness can be strengthened through the use of online and offline marketing if a consistent approach is maintained with the use of fonts, colours and images. This can ensure that the largest customer base and audience can be reached and the same message communicated.